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Ron Peacock

From December 2002

Hey Editor Ron, Pretty cool!
Add my home email to your subscription arsenal.

Thanks! Randy, OH

Randy, your wish is my command. You are now one of a small, but growing, cadre of readers. We hope you will find The Pavo News to be "a combination of thought provoking and sober editorials, with an occasional twist of humor. Remember, if it's not right, then it's wrong". By the way, your use of the word "arsenal" is intriguing. Could it have been a subconscious choice? After all, the liberal left has portrayed the conservative right as war mongering hawks. Anyway, the only arsenal I posses is the arsenal of my mind and the uncompromisable lessons of history and fact.


What more can a boy ask for? My Mommy likes my newsletter and I love my Mommy!!

This is great! Glad you finally got it finished so your readers can be

Marilyn, OH

Entertained indeed! I can think of no better way to pass the idle hours than huddled next to my monitor with a new edition of The Pavo News.

Hey dude,

Well the power of the of the minority has spoken. Looks like your team is on a roll. Now your dudes and dudettes are in charge. So it is time to pull out my moneys and invest it into big biz.... You wouldn't know the name of the Oil Co's that planning to drill in Alaska? Would You? Maybe you have a connections or two - with the "know"...
Things are really turning around...
Even Microsoft is now on ez street (but what timing).... you know Gates; World Domination or Bust.....
After the Celebrations and Hangovers, Big Corp Peeps have got to be implimenting their growth harmone plans.... It has never seemed so bright. All that is left, is the few changes in the Judicial system - We Can't have anymore of this CEO's and Financial Dude's going to prison, just because they have a more agressive method of Capitalism. And now we can really do a quick one, on the tree hugging, mountain loving, and green peace mothers - they are only slowing down progress. How about getting, this War Going - nothing like a good ass kicking to restart the economy.
Oh Yea! Good Times are a coming....
I just have to figure out the timing and whom to invest in.... Time for the free ride....

Just a quick line ,,,, Congrats again...

Ernest, TX

Ernest, I found your e-mail to be a bit 'disjointed'. Are you using, or have you considered using, Prozac? No matter, let us wade through the confusion. First, since Congressional elections do not involve the Electoral College, I must point out that the majority has spoken and not the minority. Next, keep your money wherever it may presently be (under a mattress I presume). If you are looking to invest in oil, I would look toward Iraq rather than Alaska, if you know what I mean ;-) As for the CEO's, I reject your opinion that we can't have them going to prison. What they practiced was criminal not capitalistic! With respect to the "tree hugging, mountain loving, and green peace mothers", most are misguided do-gooders with little understanding of socioeconomics, natural resource conservation and the dynamics of ecosystem stewardship. They are led by an unreasonable few; therefore, I forgive them for they know not what they do. Lastly, I believe you are referring to the impending war with Iraq. I am afraid, mi amigo, it will not last long enough to boost the economy. Remember the last conflict with Iraq lasted a mere 100 hours. I would be surprised if this action lasts much longer.

"Walk softly, carry a big stick, never hesitate to use it when needed and when you do, swing it with all your might and crush your enemy swiftly" - 'Ron Peacock'

dear " editor" as i use this term very looosley i was again amused by your disdain for anything of a democratic nature . as your president " you know the guy who lost by 1 million votes " is preparing to perpetuate a war against aother nation so he can win back the honor his daddy lost a few things come to mind that i need to ask war mongering right steeling republicans like yourself a few basic questions? 1. bin laden is dead but the administration wont admit it. why you ask? with bin ladden gone there is less of a need for his war for re-election. 2 if he really wants to curtail weapons of mass destruction why isnt he punishing north korea. perhaps its because the didnt embarass daddy the same way iraq did . 3 and now the last one. now that this country is ruled completely by your ilk who are you going to blame every time something goes wrong . oh i forgot you and your cronnies will still blame pres clinton. but she wont take office for another 25 months......


L.L. Lockport NY

L.L., my favorite reader from the left! OK, let me address your concerns and maybe along the way you will achieve some form of enlightenment.

1.) President Bush received 543,614 less of the popular vote than Al Gore, not the 1 million you claim. (Could this oversight have been a deliberate attempt to spread liberal disinformation? Well, it will not go unchallenged at The Pavo News. We deal in facts and only the facts!)

2.) Fact: The President is determined by the rules set forth in the US Constitution under Article II and Amendment XII. Fact: The President is not elected via popular vote but, by Electoral vote. That is the nature of our form of democracy, a democracy which I do not "disdain" and one for which I was willing to serve and defend.

3.) A further fact to keep in mind, is that we are not a pure democracy. We are only a form of democracy and that form is a representative republic.

4.) The Pavo News finds itself perplexed when we are referred to as "war mongering right steeling republicans". The Pavo News has no affiliation with any political party. We are a grassroots conservative media outlet and support any individual who works toward the conservative cause, regardless of race, religion, gender or political party membership. As in all aspects of the media, our editor, writers and correspondents have their own personal views and party affiliations, but that in no way insinuates The Pavo News to be amalgamated to any political party. You can no more accuse The Pavo News of being the mouth piece of "war mongering right steeling republicans" than you can label the 'World News Tonight' with Peter Jennings as being a left wing, socialist, carpet bagging Canadian, propaganda broadcast.

5.) "bin laden is dead but the administration wont admit it ...". L.L. if you have information regarding the disposition of Osama Bin Laden, I highly recommend to contact the NSA or State Department. Is there any chance you are from Lackawanna N.Y.? Do you have six close friends currently being held in Federal custody? Anyway, dead or alive, this war is not about Bin Laden. This war is a global war on terrorism and the outcome will not be determined by the death of one leader.

6.) Certainly, even you can distinguish the strategic and geopolitical differences between Iraq and North Korea! The Pavo News will be addressing this very subject in our upcoming edition. Until then, let me leave you with this thought - We are still at war with North Korea. The hostilities ended with the signing of the Korean Armistice Agreement between the United Nations Command and the Korean Peoples Army on July 17, 1953. This is currently the longest ceasefire in the history of modern warfare, but we are still in a state of war.

7.) Fear not my friend! Just because the country is politically controlled by a conservative President and a decidedly more conservative Congress, does not mean the liberal left will cease their agenda to corrupt the soul of America. Just like rats and cockroaches, they will be working behind the scenes and in the dead of night in an effort to thwart all that is right. I am sure The Pavo News will not be lacking for want of a story or a villain to reveal.

8.) Hillary in 2004? Ha ha ha, Hillary? Ha ha ha ha, Hillary Cl... ? Ha ha ah ha! The only chance of seeing Hillary back in the White House will be the day she returns all the goods she stole! Pres. Hillary? Ha ha ha ha ... ... ... ... .

" I expect no reply since you are too busy
investigating value meal options at your local
fast food joints."

I am deeply offended by that comment - I
know that Pavo has much better taste than to
relish Mickey D and that ilk. I know for a fact
that he is used to the finest food going - 100%
fine food - not 50/50 fine food. Well, that too -
there is at least one joint that used to sell
pretty good 50/50 food! Pavo has been on
both sides of the grille, so to speak.

Ya know, I have been waiting for Baldwin to
leave the country too. Yawn - I can't wait all
damned DAY, tho.

Take care, Pavo. Your Players Plus points are
still on the board.

Greg, TX

Greg, you sound like a wise man. I thank you for the passionate defense of the Pavo! It is true, I have "been on both sides of the grill" and that is why The Pavo News 'serves' it's readership so well. The Pavo's experience and diversity has been the 'recipe' for our current popularity and success. We hope you find The Pavo News to be a satisfying 'entree' of personal opinion or, at least, an interesting 'appetizer' for the thinking mind.

I, too, await the day Mr. Baldwin lives up to his promise and leaves the USA. But, I fear the wait will be long and the promise unfulfilled. Be on the lookout for our next edition of the Baldwin Watch. There truly is no end to this mans distasteful actions.

So, after a 1 year and 10 month absence, Pavo still maintains a place of honor on the Players Plus board. Let the word go forth, from this day forward - "Pavo Rules!"

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