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Editors Rant
'Obamessiah - Fooled Again'

By Ron Peacock
S.U.C.C.S., OH (PN)

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves--" Edward R. Murrow

Editor - Entering Obama Nation Beware Marxism Ahead Here are a few thoughts:

After a botched oath, a less than inspiring speech and a racist, hateful benediction, Barack Hussein Obama has taken the reins of the executive office and now calls 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home. Unlike his illegal-alien aunt, Zeituni Onyango, President Osama's public housing is of the first order, though one may argue, since he has never produced a valid birth certificate, that he is also occupying public housing illegally. In any event, he was the choice of an ill-informed American public; they will get what George Soros paid for!

In the wake of the presidential inauguration ceremonies, the Washington Mall resembled an Illinois trash dump, if not select parts of the city of Chicago (more specifically the areas Obama represented as an Illinois legislator and an ACORN activist). So much for the "green inauguration". As always with liberalism, the followers are quick to preach and just as quick to ignore their own specious dribble. It may come to pass that this trashing of Washington will be symbolic of our country after four years of an Obamamessiah administration.

I would also point out to our liberally challenged readers, that the "carbon footprint" of this event quite possibly surpassed that of the eruption of Mount St. Helens. The plethora of private jets, the posh limousines, the gas guzzling SUV's, the lavish tour buses, the energy used to power the 4000 square foot hotel penthouses and everything else associated with this 160+ million dollar disgusting display of ostentatious overindulgence, leaves me breathless (well, at least that reduces my "carbon footprint"). What a bunch of hypocrites liberals are and, in my long experience, have always been.

Meet the new boss America - a possible Marxist-Socialist, a 20 year member of the xenophobic church of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a friend of domestic terrorists (Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn), comrade of Rashid Ismail Khalidi and other anti-semites, associate of the crooked criminal sleazeball Tony Rezko, product of the corrupt Chicago political machine and messiah to the left wing whack-jobs of this nation. Apparently, all that is needed is an appealing smile, some flowery words and a few bumper sticker slogans and a liberal will buy into anything come to think of it, that holds true for most of the American sheeple these days. Obama may not be the same as the old boss, but you all got fooled again!

Finally, keep this in mind for the next four years:

"The cheese is always free in the middle of the mouse trap."
mouse with head in trap

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